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Practical Skills
Practical Skills
Practical Skills
Precautions in transportation of battery

The transportation vehicle must be a legal vehicle that meets the battery transportation regulations;

The carriage must be kept dry and clean, free of sundries, water, flammable and explosive articles, organic solvents, etc; And measures against rain and moisture shall be in place;

The vehicle should perform well in shock absorption;

The batteries should be stacked neatly in an upright manner, with the height not exceed the number of layers specified on the packing box;

The product in handling and transportation can not be subjected to severe mechanical impact, exposed to sun and rain, or placed upside down;

The product in loading and unloading should be handled with care to prevent throwing, rolling, and heavy pressure.

After-sales testing procedures for the battery

Receive the goods and count the quantity by two or more personnel.

Unpack the battery, observe carefully, to confirm whether there is any obvious appearance problems such as leakage, deformation, cracking, etc., whether the battery is disassembled, whether there is any metal foreign body nailed into the bottom or side of the case, coding changes and other man-made phenomena.

Register the battery code, fill in the inquiry form according to customer and model, and register and classify the battery with same model.

Implement testing by category, label the batteries that need discharge testing, fill in the customer name, code group number, and the month when the battery is delivered. For batteries with initial dropout voltage greater than 0.2 volts, perform voltage leveling treatment, and discharge the entire group after it is fully charged. For batteries with initial dropout voltage less than 0.2 volts, and the voltage of a single battery is greater than 12 volts, they will be directly discharged. If the discharge dropout voltage meets the requirements in the attached table, charging capacity test will be performed. The discharge data should be registered in time, and the batteries that meet the standard should be marked with "T” for charging, classification, stacking and processing.

Common faults and handling of electric vehicles

In the use of electric vehicles, there are usually some big or small problems, correct and quick handle of faults can reduce many unnecessary troubles for travel.

I. The entire vehicle is out of juice

The main faults include: welding fracture of the battery, fuse burnout, disconnection of power cord and battery socket, poor contact, failure of the converter, there will be no big problem.

II. The vehicle with electricity can not go forward

Generally, you need to check whether the brake lever is in place first. If the brake lever is not in place, the vehicle will go forward when you hold the brake lever with your hand. Otherwise, the vehicle with electricity can not go forward may be cased by the handlebar, damages to the controller, the motor and the Hall sensor. In this case, except for the power supply, there is a possibility of damage to any part of the vehicle, you must find a professional to check and repair it.

III. The vehicle is lack of driving force, stop and goes forward occasionally, the power consumption increases, and the driving mileage is short

1. Maybe the battery is damaged;

2. Tire pressure is insufficient;

3. The brake is too tight.

IV. The electric vehicle can only run 10 kilometers after the battery is charged for 8 hours

The battery is aged, the motor is partially short-circuited, the controller is damaged, output voltage of the charger is low, and the battery is not fully charged.

V. After the battery is charged for 8 hours, the green light of the charger is off and the battery is hot

1. The charging voltage of the charger is too high;

2. The battery enters a period of decline and cannot meet the requirements of long-term discharge.

How to prevent battery bulging in summer

The reason for battery bulging

When the battery is charged, if the charging current can not fall below the turning lamp current, the battery temperature will rise for a long time, which will increase the charging current, so as to form a vicious cycle, the battery temperature will continue to rise, which will eventually lead to the battery bulging.

The main reason for the bulging of the battery is the thermal runaway of the battery and the internal circuit runaway of the charger.

The harbinger of electric vehicle battery bulging

1)Observe the change of the charger indicator

A.The electric vehicle battery has been charged for a long time, but the charger indicator cannot turn green

B.The charger indicator light cannot turn green when the electric vehicle battery has been charged for a long time, but strangely turns green when the battery is plugged in after being unplugged.

2)Feel the temperature change of the battery case

After charging the electric vehicle for 6 hours, touch the electric vehicle charger with your hand, if the temperature rises to 40 degrees, or the temperature of the battery case reaches 50 degrees, there will be the possibility of battery bulking.

3)Prevention of electric vehicle battery bulging

A.The use and charging of electric vehicles should be carried out correctly in accordance with the instructions, and the charger must match the battery model.

B.The battery cannot be charged too long or charged with a higher current, otherwise, the temperature of the battery will rise, the battery will be easy to bulge, and easy to deform. The charging time should not exceed 8 hours. You should touch the battery case every morning when you unplug the power. If the battery case very hot, it is best to go to the place where the battery is sold for processing, there may be a problem of thermal runaway. Once the battery has a problem of thermal runaway, if it is not resolved in time, there is a 95% probability that the battery will bulge.

4)Go to the battery sales office for maintenance every two or three months to adjust voltage and acid-base balance.

Countermeasures for the circumstance under which water seeped into the battery

Due to some reasons, some of the electric vehicle owners also need to use the electric vehicle on rainy days. The sealing ability of electric vehicles is not as good as we imagined. In rainy weather, you should try not to use the electric vehicle in deep water, the motor and the controller should be protected well particularly!

Reminder from Haibao:

"The instrument panel, controller, battery, and motor are the four major components that need to be protected from rain. From the perspective of safety, waterproof is more needed for the other three components besides the instrument panel. Riding an electric vehicle on rainy days, especially heavy rain, can easily make a damage to the electric vehicle. In case of heavy rain, owners of electric vehicles should try not to ride electric vehicles on the road, nor park their vehicles in the open air, because the batteries of electric vehicles are most afraid of water. If there is a small amount of water in the battery, you need only place the vehicle in a ventilated place, while, if there is plenty of water in the battery, you must go to the maintenance point for repair.” In addition, motor and controller are most easily damaged by water, owners of the electric vehicles should pay special attention to the depth of the water accumulation, and the electric vehicle can only run normally when depth of water accumulation does not exceed half of the vehicle wheel. It is better to avoid riding electric vehicles in heavy rain. If you have to use an electric vehicle on rainy days, you should cover the electric vehicle with a plastic sheet when parking the vehicle, to prevent the main components from being damaged.

Treatment methods after water seeped into the battery

1、The battery after touching water cannot be charged immediately

In case that any water seeped into the battery case, it will directly lead to a short circuit between the positive electrode and negative electrode, damage the battery as a slight consequence, and directly cause the battery to burn out or even explode as the most serious consequence.

2、 Stand the battery on its side

In case that any water seeped into the battery, the battery should be placed on its side to allow the water flow out, put it in a sunny and ventilated place, and dry it for a period of time before charging.

What are the unfavorable factors for the battery?

There are many unfavorable factors for the battery, which mainly appear at the charge and discharge stage, mainly including “two exceeding”, “two excess” and “two under”.

Two exceeding

“One exceeding” means that the discharge current exceeds the rated current, and high-current discharge is performed for a long time;

“Another exceeding” means that the discharge capacity exceeds the actual capacity of the battery, that is, the battery is over-discharged;

Frequent high-current discharge and over-discharge of the battery will have a serious damage to the service life.

Two excess

“One excess” refers to the overcharging, use of a mismatched charger and a long-time charging may lead to overcharging of the battery, which will increase the water loss of the battery, reduce the battery capacity, and even lead to the battery bulging;

“Another excess” means that the battery have not been used and recharged for a long time, the battery is prone to sulfation, its capacity will be reduced, and its service life will be shortened.

Two under

“One under” refers to the undercharge of lead-acid battery, the battery is often not fully charged, and the lead sulfate in the plate cannot be reduced in time, and will form larger unrecoverable lead sulfate particles after long-term accumulation, which will continuously reduce the battery capacity;

“Another under" refers to the imbalance among the batteries, and the unbalanced re-use between the batteries will make the gap to become larger and larger, resulting in the failure of the whole group of batteries;

Reminder from Haibao

The service life of the battery has a lot to do with the way it is used in normal times. Please remember to avoid “two exceeding”, “two excess” and “two under”.

How to strengthen the maintenance of electric vehicle batteries in the hot seasons?

I. Do not make it expose to high temperature and sunlight

It seems that it has become common for electric vehicles to be parked in open squares or on the street corners or roadside and exposed to the sun without protection. Hot weather will not only cause heat stroke of you, but also your vehicle. If you always expose your electric car to the sun, you should be prepared for the battery to be scrapped in advance, furthermore, the short circuit or bulging of the electric vehicle battery at high temperature is not uncommon, so we hereby remind all funs of Haibao that you must park your vehicle in a cool place, or add a "protective umbrella" to your vehicle to prevent the battery being directly damaged by direct sunlight.    

II. Avoid charging outdoors

In rural areas, it is often seen that many families directly charge their electric vehicles in their yards. The combination of hot weather and the heat generated during charging will lead to a very high temperature on the battery surface, which will burn the protective shell on the battery surface, and lead to the indicator light of charger during charing cannot change or the battery bulge. In addition, the sudden rainstorm in summer will also catch people off guard. If rainwater enters the charger, it is not only easy to cause short-circuit and damage the charger, but also an accident.

III. Do not charge immediately after using

Many electric vehicle users are used to charging their battery immediately after use for the next use. However, Haibao would like to remind you that the temperature of the electric vehicle after use will be very high. At this time, if the battery is directly charged, the temperature of the battery will continue to increase, thermal runaway of the battery caused by which will have an effect on the battery life, and it is likely that the temperature exceeds the critical point and cause spontaneous combustion. The electric vehicle should be charged after half an hour of rest.

IV. Use a matching charger

A family usually has 2-3 electric cars. At this time, there are many chargers with similar appearances. When users need to charge their electric vehicles, they almost always pick up a charger readily. At first glance, there is no problem, their electric vehicles can also be charged. However, electric vehicle batteries should be matched with the electric vehicles. Mixed use can easily cause short circuit or insufficient charging of the battery. Over time, it will also have a great impact on the service life of the battery.

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